ﺷMorwenﺷ (akagothicrose) wrote in concealedlayout,

Hi new here

I saw this community and was hoping somone could help me out. I ussualy pick apart codes and figure them out but I am stumped with this one.
Some journals have a page effect when you click on a link. (such as the pages merge, blend, checker box, ect.)
If any one knows how to do this, the code would be very apprieciated. You can E-mail me here.
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replace the number after transition if you wish with a number 1-25 they correspond to diffent "fades" I dont know them all off the top of my headso you'll have to play around with it a little and the number after duration is the number of seconds the"fade" will last.. this code is only for when you leave the page i dont remember the one for when you enter but if your good with codes you might be able to figure it out from here. hope i helped some.

sorry im a moron..

<*meta content="revealTrans(transition=15, duration=2.0)" http-equiv="Page-Exit">
you'll aso need to take out the star.. didnt know if you would know that or not.. ok so now that I've made 3 posts im gonna go
Thanks doll


December 7 2003, 04:15:47 UTC 14 years ago

If you are willing to give away any codes from your livejournal email me at cbm87@aol.com
or, IM me on AIM at CrazedBlueAngel. I am fairly new to this and all I want is to just join this great site!