Kimberly Ann (kimberlyann13) wrote in concealedlayout,
Kimberly Ann

Hi, I have a picture that I want to be the center of my journal...I want something completely unique *well, ya know, different than what MOST have* I have the colors I want used, the icon, everything...I just need a layout or style or SOMETHING made...someome please HELP ME!!! I will give you a code and credit...if thats what you would like...and I will be forever greatful...thank you so much in advance!!

Colors: #54B6D6 and #F30DE0
Pic thingy:

I might change that tho...but it will be the same colors and at the same link...thank you so much, again!

Sorry...I know thats kinda want something done with that can make it smaller, bigger, whatever...I want transparent entrys except for where the comments are posted and where the title or whatever is. I would love if I could have my user pic and all that jazz to the left or right side...not sure. That can be a designers choice. I do love how alwayzsmilyn's journal looks right now...if you could do something liek that, AWESOME!! just please try and use what I supplied...any other color you could use is black only...please...if you need me to change the image or anything e-mail or leave a comment if you want me to IM you or something :D Thank you so much again whoever is doing it!!
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