~~*T*~~ (candyapple_t) wrote in concealedlayout,

Hi There

I have an idea!!

I would like a New Layout for my LJ using a christina Aguelera Pic!! An having the words

No HYPE, No Glass, No Pretense, Just Me

and somwhere on the Top for it to say Silly T's Journal

My Email address is Sungirlie8@Hotmail.com

I thank you very much!!
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ok if u want me to make u a background then im going to have to messaround with ur codes. r u paid or free? let me know that and if u trust me or not to log in and do it till its correct or i can give u the codes and just let u put it in, jus thopefully u dont mess it up. so anyhow let me know? and u need to be more descriptive what colors do u want ??
oh sure!! I have a paid account I will email you my password
OR INSTEAD OF PUTTING sILLY t'S jOURNAL maybe put something that has to do with the quote like "Silly T*'s Words" or something to that effect
Hey there!! I tried email'n ya but it would'nt work!!

i uploaded the pic to my site www.sunshineszone.com/sillyt1.jpg but it still wont show up!! Perhaps something is wrong with the code!! When U get a sec could ya check it out!! I love the picture its Great!! Thank U so much!! Let me know if you need me to send u the password again thanks